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Draw Details for August 27 2012

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Match 4 numbers to win/share.    
 9,600.00 0

Well first day of being back to normal for me (is there such a thing). We had a good break, the kids are well rested and the parents are tired and stressed out, but sure its worth it.

There was no winner of last nights Lotto, numbers drawn was 2, 10, 11, 12,  The jackpot is now at 9,700, someone is going to be very happy one of these Monday nights.
Nice size crowd at bingo this week, again the jackpot lives on, this week it was never under pressure as we had gone over the 42 calls before the second line was won. Next week sees the jackpot at 15, 600.........you really should tell family and friends about it, that jackpot could do so much, in my case it could pay for the holidays :-)
5K Race
On Sunday 30th of December there will be a 5K road race starting and finishing at the Sports Complex. The monies raised in this event will go to pay the final amount of money due on the Playground, your support is really needed to push this great faciality we have over the line. It will cost 10 to enter, for more details contact Declan Carty on 086 8123514.
Declan tells me there will also be a prize for the first Lady and Gent over 40 to finish. Seen that I just turned 40 this year and I am so UNFIT if I can get 2 or 4 people to sponsor me  50 I will get into training and run the race, for those who know me that is a sight worth seeing. (If interested please e mail me on streetelotto11@gmail.com    )
Fashion Show
Last Saturday night Kirsty Kenny ran a fashion show in aid of the childrens hospital, a great night was had by all and lots of money was raised at the same time. Well done Kirsty and everyone involved.
Streete Sports Complex
I hope to have the NEW Streete Sports Complex Web Page up and running in the next week or two, it will be updated so that you can see what is happening in the Complex eack week, Contact numbers for each of the clubs will be there so that you can contact people about the clubs using the complex and there will be a photo gallery so that after different events we can up load photos of the event so that people can look back at the great time they had or look at the great time they missed.........
Please do keep an eye out for it at    www.streetesportscomplex.ie
You will be glad to know I am on a detox after the past two weeks, but I will finidh by saying there was some amazing wines had.

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