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Through our service we provide your organisation with the ability to sell lotto tickets but more importantly, we also provide you with a system that allows you to manage the full lotto process. We provide you with marketing and training tools to enhance these sales.

Our system works with your existing lotto or you may choose to set up a new lotto and run it exclusively on-line. If you're involved in running a local fundraising lottery and are interested in receiving additional information, please fill in the contact form below and we will get in touch with you.

All of the Additional Services that are available are provided free to clients who are using the Lotto service.

Payment is required prior to the commencement of set up.

The cost of the service is:

  • €195.00 Registration & Set-up fee (100% reimbursable for 6 months). Subject to VAT @23%

  • €200.00 Annual Training Fee. If your club is live within 4 weeks of initial payment, 50.00 of this fee is refunded to your account.

  • In addition, a transaction fee applies to cover Bank and Credit Card charges. This will be discussed with you in further detail later...

  • Total Charge: €195 + €44.85 (VAT) + €200 = €439.85

  • Online Subscription offer - 10% discount on Registration & Setup Fee and Year 1 Training Fee. Total Charge = €396 including VAT.

Online Subscription Offer of €396 (Including VAT) - 10% Discount!

After registering your details through the form below you will then have the option to subscribe online now for a 10% discount.

Already registered? Click here for online payment.

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What the clubforce.com service has to offer

Involved in your local Club or Society fundraising lottery? Here is some of what we can offer you:

  • The ability to sell your tickets to a worldwide audience.
  • Sell tickets to multiple draws in one go. For example a person might enter 3 lines of numbers for the next year!
  • A managed payment processing system.
  • An accounts system that details all of your ticket sales from monthly totals down to individual entries.
  • A tailored Marketing Pack to help you reach your potential support base locally, nationally & internationally!
  • A system that automatically emails draw results to all players entered and informs you of any winners.
  • Your own section within our website, branded with your Club/Society logo or flag.
  • Personalised weblinks for you to add to posters, etc. This would look like:
    • cdn.clubforce.com/County name/Club or Society name
    • cdn.clubforce.com/Club or Society name
  • Send and keep track of all Club/Society newsletters. Any existing email list can be added to the system and people can subscribe through the website.
  • All of the information (text, pictures and draw results) displayed on your branded section of the website can easily be updated through our user friendly Content Management System. A Users Manual, optional training and full telephone support is included.
  • Your homepage is automatically updated with details on the next draw available, the latest draw results and the latest news articles published. The pages you can update are:
    • full results & PLAY ONLINE
      When you add or update any draw details these changes are automatically shown here.
    • about us
      Add articles about the Club/Society, its history, etc.
    • news
      Publish unlimited news articles and pictures relating to the Club/Society. This could be a write up on the last match, details of an upcoming event and so on.
    • our sponsors
      This page is dedicated to your sponsors and is where you can add articles and/or pictures relating to them, possibly offering thanks for their continuing support.
  • We can also offer you a Complete Website Package on a very reasonable annual subscription basis. This package includes a powerful Content Management System, giving you complete control over all aspects of your web site.
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