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Draw Details for February 13 2012

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Match 4 numbers to win/share.    
 8,200.00 0

No Winner this week.

Streete Bingo
The Jackpot is still riseing in the Bingo. Next Weeks Bingo Jackpot is worth 12,800. The Chairman tells me that it was very close tonight. Some lucky person will pick up a tidy sum soon. If you are interested in trying your luck why not come over and play every Monday night @ 8.30pm.........Someone has to win, it could be you!

Streete Bowls Club
The "C" team did it again this week, they took 4 1/2 points after their encounter against the new club to the ledgue Ardagh. The "B" team were not a Lucky when they came up against old friends from Tyrrellspass. The "A" team are still hanging on for dear life at the top of the ledgue and hopefully will continue to do so.
For the "C" they are still very happy to be ahead of the "B".........come on the "C" !!!

Boherquill Church
The revovations to the Church are still ongoing. Mass is on every Saturday evening in the Parish Park this month.
I see that the pews in the church are to be taken away this week to be refurnished. It is hoped that about 40 families might undertake to sponsor / partly sponsor a pew each for 90.
All works will be finished in time for the Bi Centenary of the church.

Streete Wildlife Club
The wildlife Club have their shoots every Thursday Night under lights, this is recieveing great interest and support.

Just a quick note of thanks to all the new on line players who have joined in the fun over the past few weeks, and also we say a big Good Day to our players down under, PLEASE PLEASE do pass the word around to other locals you might know world wide.
Just in case you are wondering it is still raining here and their is a bite in the air.............are you still missing home???

Tasted a Chardonnay from the Springfield Estate in South Africa. I had the pleasure to meet with the owner last month and She told me how they allow this wine 12 months to Fermentate (others give three weeks), no sugar or yeast added this shows how mother nature does it best.
After tasting all I can say is Three words.... TRY IT.....Yummie !!!



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