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Draw Details for February 6 2022

Lotto Numbers Drawn


Prize Value
Match 5 numbers to win/share.    
GBP 1,150.00

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On behalf of Exeter and District Basketball and all participants of basketball within our community, I'd like to demonstrate to you what a difference just £1 a week from each of our members would do for basketball within our area.
Please don't leave it to others, £1 can't even buy a decent chocolate bar these days!
All profits from our LOTTO will go back into developing basketball JUST in our area, we are already looking at providing a 'participation league' for junior players within our clubs that are not selected for Basketball England's South West League - these are the players / members of our clubs and teams in the future.
You will already have witnessed the use of video showcasing your play on our YouTube Channel as part of the advancement.
We would like to provide funding to develop more coaches and officials within our membership, in doing so this will allow us to provide 'funded' positions to provide basketball coaching within schools in our area, this can only increase participation and maybe uncover that gem of a player that might have slipped into another sport, as we know schools are reticent to provide basketball sports lessons as their teachers do not know the sport well enough.
Of course, continued participation by many also will keep costs down to all in the future.
Not ONLY is there a JACKPOT each week, but we have anumber of LUCKY Dips each week to ensure that we provide you with between a 1 in 10 and 1 in 20 chance of winning something - these prizes must be won each week from those participating that week.
The more entries we have the more money / prizes we have for Lucky Dips each week which MUST be won!
On top of the individual prizes, all entries go towards your club / team winning one of three team prizes in June, these are:
  • Full 12 person designed kit
  • 12 Person shooting / warm up top
  • 12 Person reversible training tops
We are not asking members to complete multiple lines a week (although wouldn't stop them if they wanted to), but just one line on repeat weekly.

I don't know if you realise that by entering either 1 line for 26 or 52 weeks you get a reduction in cost bringing the price down to below a £1 a ticket - Be Part of It and help grow basketball within our area.


Just 1 line each week can make all the difference to basketball within our community, and even if you haven't personally won (and many people have already), in a way, we are all winners due to everyone that participates in the LOTTO.
In order to support please use the following link:


The Jackpot this coming week: £1150!
Yours sincerely,

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