St. Patricks GAA Club

Drangan & Cloneen, Tipperary

St. Patricks GAA Club

St. Patricks GAA Club

Drangan & Cloneen, Tipperary

St. Patricks GAA Club

Drangan & Cloneen ,
Tipperary, Ireland.

St. Patricks GAA Club

March 12 2023


30 September 1957 -4th March 2023             

Kevin was born on the 30th September 1957 to Mai (nee Tobin) and Pat Kennedy Cloughtaney Drangan 

He was the Middle child. With an older Brother Pat Hillview, Drangan and a younger Brother Michael RIP Ballingarry.

Kevin was a special baby who grew up to be a very Special adult. 

Kevin did not have the ability to speak and was non-verbal all his life, but that did not stop Kevin in any way whatsoever from having a very fulfilled life. 

Kevin was a shining light, and it was a very great privilege to get to know him and become part of his life. 

Unfortunately, Kevin’s Dad and Mam passed away while he was very young, and it was decided in Kevin’s best interest to have him cared for by professionals who would care for Kevin’s special needs. 

He was first admitted to St Paul’s ward in St Luke’s hospital Clonmel. He remained there for several years, and he was very well looked after by the staff.

The real turning point in Kevin’s life came when he was moved to

26 St Patricks Gardens Cashel.

 This beautiful home came under the guidance of the Brothers of Charity services, and there, he was cared for so lovingly, all the caregivers had a very special bond with Kevin and treated him as a member of their own families. In fact, it was very plain to see, on my many visits to Kevin down through the years, that Kevin had two families his friends and carers in St Patricks Gardens, and his own family in Drangan and Ballingarry. 

Kevin had many great achievements,

(to mention a few) his great horse riding skills and his very special Olympic medal for his motor skills of which we are all so very proud   

Kevin was very well able to communicate his likes and dislikes i.e. His Favourite chair his love of tea and good food he was never far away when the kettle was put on for a cuppa, and to show his disapproval if someone sat on his favourite chair. (He would stand behind you and wait for you to get up) also if you handed Kevin a paintbrush it would end up on the floor very quickly. 

Kevin was very well loved, and he will be greatly missed both by his friends’ carers and family. 

May God Rest his very gentle innocent soul. 

From a Family Member     


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