Exeter & District Basketball Association

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Exeter & District Basketball Association

Exeter & District Basketball Association

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Exeter & District Basketball Association

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Devon, England.

Exeter & District Basketball Association

January 7 2023

Dates For Your Diary

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Cup Finals' Day - Sunday 26th February

Sixteen teams still vying for their position in the Cup Finals' Day

The schedule is as follows:

  • 1030hrs Ladies Plate Final
  • 1230hrs Mens Plate Final 
  • 1430hrs Ladies Cup Final
  • 1600hrs Mens Cup Final 
​​​​​​​Play Off Finals' Day - Sunday 26th March

​​​​​​​The culmination of our league season are our 3 Play Off Final games, the schedule is as follows: 
  • 1100hrs Men's Inter Division Play Off Final
  • 1300hrs Ladies Play Off Final
  • 1500hrs Men's Premier Play Off Final
On both the Cup and Play Off Finals Days there will be a chance for anyone that day to win £100 if they spend £5 to enter our LOTTO - so not only do you get the chance at our Jackpots and Lucky Dip Prizes on the normal LOTTO draws, but on each day one of you will win £100 - so bring your £5 to enter that day!

ALL-STAR Games 7th May

After last season's fiasco with Exeter College we have moved the event forward to the weekend pre-exams so should not be affected and therefore take place!

This event is for everyone to attend, and how nice it would be for those others that attend to wear their 'colours', wear your team shirt with pride as we have a day of fun and entertainment, PLUS our league presentations.

It would be great if we can fill Exeter College Show Court on this day, we have over 600 members so shouldn't be hard!


Our YouTube Channel continues to gain numbers and views, we now have nearly 400 subscribers, but wil over 600 members and friends and family subcribing for free we should be working towards the 1000 target to allow us to recieve money into the association for views - please ask your friends and family to subscribe:



During the All-STAR Day we have lots of other things going on for all to get involved in / or watch, including:

  • 3 Pointer Competition
  • Up to 100 players in a 'Hot Spot' Free Throw Competition
  • A WORLD Record attempt for us to support!
  • 2 ALL-STAR Games 11am Ladies 2pm Mens
  • League Presentation Day between matches
  • Presentation to our new Life President / Vice President
What Can you Do To Help The League That Costs NOTHING?Both the above are free, but with more followers and subscribers we can gain funds for the local organisation to help us develop.


​​​​​​​Junior League

This season has seen us start a junior league, 3 under 17 teams are regularly playing and we hope to see these players linking into your teams in future seasons. There are lots of conversations around younger age groups and we will get there with other age groups as soon as new coaches come through or time becomes available for the current coaches - we also have Middlemoor back soon which will make things a lot easier for clubs and the league in the coming months and seasons - the Inter Divisional games used to all be played at Middlemoor (neutral venue) and also frees up your own court time for training etc.

3x3 League Coming for 2023/24

For the 2023/24 season we will be offering each team entering the normal league a 3x3 team place, any number of players can be involved / registered for each team but only 4 will be allowed to attend each game day. A game day / session will involve 8 teams and therefore 7 matches as each team plays each other in 10 minute games.

This fast moving game is a great advancement and complements our league well, we will therefore be looking to develop officials in the 3x3 game as well as players.

Officlals and Coaches Wanted

This season has seen us with 8 new officials, next season we need to see the same again to lighten the load on those of us that are older and to allow the league to develop further. So look around amongst your team and members, think to yourself what can I offer - you will not be overloaded with games, and all games are arranged when you can make them, its a two way conversation, and if you can only offer a couple of evenings a month that is all we need.

To this end we will be offering an officials training induction day at the conclusion of this season, and we need enough of you to be able to involve players in a game for the new officials to qualify - the cost is not a blocker so please reach out, let me know as soon as possible that you wish to be involved.

​​​​​​​Thats the update for now, see you all as our 2022/23 final third push concludes - who will make the All-Star games, which teams will take the silverware, which individuals will shine - its all up for grabs!

Now Let's Finish!
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